The End




The End is a Sky Original and co-production with Foxtel. The End follows three generations of a family with separate but intersecting obsessions. Dr Kate Brennan (Frances O’Connor) is an Australian-based specialist in palliative care. Euthanasia is a hot topic in Kate’s field of work, and she is passionate in her opposition. On the other side of the world, Kate’s mother Edie (Harriet Walter) feels just as strongly about her right to die. Kate has little choice but to ship Edie out from England and deposit her in a nearby retirement village on the Gold Coast –Edie’s worst nightmare. While Kate struggles with her own problems, her children are trying to work out who they are, and who they want to be. What follows is a story about parents and children, ethics and emotion, and mostly how it’s never too late to start again.





A driving appeal for the show was the subject matter of euthanasia and its debate.  As we worked with the show theme around end of life, it was important that the campaign found the right balance between heavy and light moments whilst keeping unbiased. Overall, the campaign reflects the show’s tone which is moving, contemporary and provocative. We used contrasting colours to reflect the tone and the unexpected nature of the show.





The campaign focused on the relationships of the family and we use different media channels to introduce the different characters.  We see glimpses of the characters with Kate (Frances O’Connor) as our focus, these glimpses create intrigue and lean into the thought of how we see some of them are trying to figure out how to die with dignity, live with none, and make it count.

Viewing figures for The End exceeded target by 141%.