The Collector

On the 23rd October 2020, The Collector went live, and we delivered our biggest campaign ever for Sky’s award-winning box, Sky Q. We were responsible for developing the strategic vehicle that underpins the campaign and the overarching creative that defines the campaign. Running right through the Q2 2021, the campaign will deliver a series of stories that celebrates the individuality of the TV viewer and how easy it is to watch all the content you love on Sky Q. The five stories in the series of adverts aim to represent Sky’s diverse customer base, the society it operates in and Sky’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, both on and off screen.


The first story in the series, titled “Harris & the Robots”, follows the journey of robot-obsessed 12-year-old Harris, as he collects his favourite entertainment, from Disney+ (Ironman & BB8), YouTube (a robotic dog from Boston Dynamics) and Sky Cinema (Megatron from Transformers). We see Harris travel through the worlds of entertainment, collecting everything that inspires him, on Sky Q. At the end of the advert, it’s revealed that one of the reasons Harris is passionate about the entertainment he has collected is because he has a prosthetic limb and feels an affinity with the characters in his collection. We worked closely with Scope, a leading disability charity, in developing the advert.


In developing the campaign, for the first time ever we collaborated with partners including Netflix, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros, Spotify, YouTube and many more, to bring to life Sky’s content in a way consumers know and love. These close partner relationships have helped to develop creative that puts entertainment at the heart, but also helps solidify Sky Q as the leading aggregator of choice in the market. The campaign is the first campaign from us to also be used across the wider business including Republic of Ireland, Italy, Germany and Comcast in the US.


The second story in the series ‘Mo’S Best Bud’ hit screens on November 25th. “It’s a high-octane, cinematic experience seen through the eyes of a young thrill-seeker” observes series director Dan DiFelice. It truly captures the essence of the content as we see him collect everything he loves from F1, Money Heist, Gangs of London and Jurassic World. However, as the ad develops, it becomes clear at the end that the true story is about his relationship with his Nan, having collected their favourite thing to watch together – Portrait Artist of the Year.


And finally, on December 9th, the third story in the series went on air. Leon’s Night Out is an upbeat, energetic story about an older dancer called Leon, who glides through all his favourite dance and music content on Sky Q, including La La Land, Strictly Come Dancing, Spotify and YouTube. “Dance, and the ability to express myself creatively, has formed a key cornerstone of my life. The story felt so true to who I am, and it was just a joy to be a part of, commented star Leon Herbert on launch.


Story 4 in the Collector Series, Mia’s Little Sister, went on air from January 27th 2021.


From ideation to shoot, the whole process of creating this ad was done virtually, a testament to the close partnership between Sky & Netflix. The ad was once again shot during lockdown in extremely restrictive conditions in January. ‘Hannah and Mum’s Day Out’ is the first ad in the Collector series to be shot using the actual sets of the shows featured; Sex Education was filmed at the set of Moordale High School, Discovery of Witches at Tretower Castle and I Hate Susie was shot using an original location in Ware, Hertfordshire.

The ad celebrates the bond between a mother and daughter. Even though they are currently living apart, with Hannah at University and Mum in the family home, their favourite entertainment brings them together.

Initial results from the Collector campaign have seen positive uplifts above benchmarks against core Sky Q brand metrics. Creative testing across all of the ads throughout the campaign had allowed the marketing

team and Sky Creative to optimise the creative. Overall brand fluency and recognition for the ads has been very strong with the Q blue portal becoming a distinctive brand asset for Sky Q.