Sky Sports F1

Sky Creative team up with Oscar-winning creative studio, Framestore, for thrilling new F1 advertising campaign

With engines revving for the start of the Formula 1 season in March and the elite sport heading to Las Vegas for the first time this season, Sky Creative have released an ambitious new campaign based on a fantasy rollercoaster in the Nevada desert.

Adopting “The Strip’s” signature neon glow to capture the excitement and action, the dramatic commercial sees this season’s main protagonists in an epic three horse race around a looping track and features a guest appearance from Sky Sports F1 presenter, Martin Brundle, as well as cameos from Toto Wolff and Christian Horner.

“With Formula 1 being so full of ups, downs, twists and turns, what better visual metaphor than a rollercoaster?” says Rob Welch, Creative Director at Sky Creative, Sky’s in-house agency.

It was a concept that instantly sparked excitement among the Sky Creative team before thoughts turned to the daunting task of transforming a motor racing metaphor into a spectacular teaser for the season ahead.

To bring the ‘Enjoy the Ride’ idea to life, Sky Creative turned to Bafta, Oscar and Cannes Lions award-winning creative studio, Framestore, and director William Bartlett.

“As a huge F1 fan, I was so excited to showcase the upcoming season and create something instantly memorable in CG with our sensational crew of VFX artists led by Matthew Thomas,” says William.

“This really couldn’t have happened in any other way and there were many technical challenges to overcome to make the race look as dramatic and authentic as it does.

“Working with the team at Sky Creative has been absolutely brilliant and we were so excited to be able to turn their rollercoaster idea into the best possible version of itself. Together we’ve created a really striking visual piece – and we can’t wait to see F1 fans’ reaction to it.”

‘Enjoy the Ride’ is one of Sky’s biggest campaigns of the year and will be screened during primetime Sky Sports coverage, such as Premier League football matches, and commercial TV, as well as across social media, websites, newspapers and magazines. Dramatic billboards and other out-of-home formats will appear at landmark locations in major cities from the end of February.

The campaign will also run in Italy and Ireland with Sky Creative producing bespoke executions for those markets.

“This concept really brought the thrill seeker out in all of us,” says Ben Case, Director of Premiums at Sky.

“It’s been brilliant watching it all come together, and I think this campaign will really get viewers’ adrenaline pumping in anticipation of the new F1 season.”


Agency: Sky Creative
Robin Garton – Group Executive Creative Director, Advertising
Ceri Sampson – Group Executive Creative Director, Brand & Design
Rob Welch – Creative Director, Premium Content
Chris Dorn – Creative Director, Advertising Design
Talia Slater – Senior Creative
Tim Brookes – Senior Creative
Andy Crocker – Senior Designer
Lee Ford – Senior Designer
Marcia Stewart – Senior Designer
James Paddison – Senior Retoucher
Gregory Chapman – Retoucher
Claire D’Arcy – Retoucher
Alison Hackney – Head of Business
Ben Trenchard – Account Director
James Duncan – Account Director
Georgia Bridgwood – Head of Strategy
Sophie Brooks – Director of Production
Paul Mortimore – Head of Production
Steve Ryan – Executive Producer
Al McGee – Senior Producer
Mark Weston – Producer
Natalie Brunt – Assistant Producer
Christiana Miller-McCall – Assistant Producer

Production: Framestore Pictures
William Bartlett – Director
Anna Kennedy – Executive Producer
David Hay – Line Producer
Ben Magahy – Director of Photography
James Amos – 1st Assistant Director

VFX: Framestore
William Bartlett – Creative Director
Matthew Thomas – VFX Supervisor
Henrique Campanha and Ed Mykolaitis – CG Supervisor
Johannes Sambs – Head of CG IA
Daniel Bielawski – Animation Lead
Carey Williams – Editor
Ben Stell – Producer
Chloe Dunn – Line Producer
Poppy Chadwick – Production Coordinator

Grade: Company 3
Steffan Perry – Colourist

Audio: Grand Central Studios
Gary Turnbull – Senior Sound Designer
Munzie Thind – Senior Sound Designer
Martin Critchley – Senior Audio Producer
Molly Butcher – Senior Audio Producer

Marketing: Sky
Ben Case – Director, Premium Content
Bekah Huggett – Marketing Director, Premium Content
Tom Oriel – Marketing Lead, Sky Sports
Ezgi Mitchell – Marketing Lead, Sky Sports
Kashmin Popat – Marketing Manager, Sky Sports
Oliver Barnes – Marketing Manager, Sky Sports
Harry Eke – Marketing Manager, Sky Sports
Ed Audland – Marketing Strategy Manager, Sky
Charlie Samii Pour – Digital Marketing Executive, Sky