Sky Sci-Fi

We rebranded Sky’s destination for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror, Syfy, to Sky Sci-Fi, offering a brand new multiverse of on-demand content, fan favourites and new shows on both Sky and NOW.

Tone of voice was key to this particular re-branding, delivered by Sky Creative, Sky’s in-house creative agency. Guided by its sci-fi fan base, the channel nods to classic references (even bringing in the creator of Klingon himself to ensure the kind of accuracy that sci-fi fans expect), but doesn’t take itself too seriously so as not to alienate newcomers to the genre. All the while upholding the premium look and feel of a Sky channel.

The result is a first for Sky – a channel unlike any other, hosted by a playful AI character lifted straight from the 80s into the modern day. She is the voice, personality and heart of the channel, combining tech with a human charm.

“Just like our previous channel rebrands within the Sky portfolio, Sky Sci-Fi needed a clear and distinctive idea at its heart. We can’t wait to bring the other-worldliness of the genre to life, via the hyphen that nestles between Science and Fiction.” Mark Jones, Design Director.