Senior Designer

About this role

Senior brand designers are the custodians of our identity and are responsible for inspiring our existing and potential customers to engage positively with our products. Crucial to this role, therefore, is a strong understanding of branding across a wide variety of media, including print, broadcast and digital. A senior brand designer must define and defend the rules for a new identity and communicate those rules clearly and without ambiguity to an enormous range of people inside and outside the company. However, they must also consider ways in which the identity can successfully evolve to reflect changes in our business or in our customers.


Key skills

Excellent skills in areas such as ideation, typography, animation and 3D modelling
Ability to lead, direct and inspire
Tuned in to their client’s needs and priorities

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Fluent German Speakers

The hub is a brand new team built to provide Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Advertising, Promotions and Broadcast Creative for multiple stakeholders across our European Markets and will consist of an in-house capability and a matrix of external agency and post-production partners.

We’re currently looking for talented fluent German speakers to drive excellence across the various disciplines.