Junior Designer

About this role

News designers support our live output on Sky News. There is enormous variety within this role: from creating a brand or an identity to communicating information or data, either on television, mobile apps, websites or social media, with deadlines measured in minutes or months. Such variety requires news designers to possess excellent all-round craft skills whilst also relying on their ability to manage their time and the client effectively, even at the junior level. These designers will also come to possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of operational processes, especially in regard to live television broadcast.


Key skills

Information Design
Ability to realise ideas quickly
Good communicator and collaborator

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Fluent German Speakers

The hub is a brand new team built to provide Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Advertising, Promotions and Broadcast Creative for multiple stakeholders across our European Markets and will consist of an in-house capability and a matrix of external agency and post-production partners.

We’re currently looking for talented fluent German speakers to drive excellence across the various disciplines.