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    No Room For Abuse

    3 out of 4 women under 25 face abuse when Gaming online – Sky Broadband and Guild wanted to raise awareness of this fact and bring into the spotlight the type of abuse women in gaming have to endure every single day. Their mission is to make a change and create a safe gaming space for women because there is No Room For Abuse.

    Partner Agencies: Sky social, Sky Media, XYZ, Cookie animation

    “It’s the first thing Sky have done with this new partnership between Sky Broadband and Guild, and what a creative, unflinching and important start it is”

    Aaron Wilmer, Creative Director

    Sky Broadband and Guild esports invited male gamers and influencers down to our immersive training room at the Sky Guild Gaming Centre, with one simple challenge:

    ”Do you have what it takes to make it as a pro gamer?

    But this room wasn’t testing their ability to game. ​It was testing their ability to game, whilst taking abuse.​ We turned the space into a state-of-the-art gaming simulator where the participants trained with a bespoke first person shooting game. Whilst playing the walls came to life and shadowed men begun hurling abuse at our participants. So for the first time, some of the most influential gamers in the industry experienced what it really takes to be a woman gamer.

    Even though the training room at Guild HQ wasn’t real, all the language they heard was. Sourced directly from women in the gaming community. 

    ​We let influencers tell their own stories of the experience. And soon, they began rallying behind our message on social media.


    • Widespread National and local press coverage
    • 91 pieces of impactful influencer content created across Tik Tok and Instagram
    • Backed by influential voices like David Beckham and the Deputy Mayor of London
    • Reaching an audience of 1.3 million
    • Over 69 million impressions
    • Winner of the Sky Marketing Academy ‘Be Bold’ category