Midwich Cuckoos

Behind sci-fi thriller Midwich Cuckoos on Sky Max is a masterful advertising campaign spanning the work of multiple Sky Creative teams.

With ‘innovation’ as their brief, the team looked outside the box of your typical mainstream campaign. Playing with the plot’s concept of the children as an unsettling disruptive force, it occurred to the team to let the children disrupt our audience’s every platform.

From promos for other shows glitching to reveal the cuckoo children, to Spotify audio, TikTok ads, a disruptive and contextual cinema campaign and podcast promos – the central concept of the disruptive children spans multiple different media. Even London buses reveal those disturbing faces beneath yellow raincoats in lenticular T-side bus panels.

Needless to say, the tagline of the campaign emerged organically… ‘Beware of the children’.