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    Advertising & Motion

    Blockbuster Action

    From Bullet Train to Maverick, there’s only one place for big-budget, explosive action. And that’s Sky Cinema. Check out our promo campaign, where we let the blockbusters do the talking in spectacular style.

    Advertising & Motion

    Now – Final Weekend

    We know what an emotional rollercoaster that final weekend of football can be. After all, the tide can turn at the blow of a whistle. So for this promo, we embraced that nail-biting tension to build anticipation for this huge weekend of the beautiful game.

    Advertising & Motion

    Sky Documentaries – Essex Murders

    Sky Documentaries takes a deep dive into the 90s rave scene and the chilling murders of three men known as the Essex Boys.

    Advertising & Motion

    Sky Sci-Fi – The Swarm

    Thought humans were the ultimate creation? Think again. In this hit sci-fi eco-thriller, there’s something sinister lurking in the ocean. And it’s so powerful that it could spell the end for the whole of mankind.

    Advertising & Motion

    Sky Nature – Arctic from Above

    Sky Nature continues to explore our natural world in new and innovative ways. This time with helicopters, satellites, and cutting-edge drone technology. So you can see the Arctic as you’ve never seen it before, captured from glorious bird’s-eye views.