There’s more to Sky Creative than just the compelling work you see with Sky’s logo on it.

Our Brand team have worked with with Sky partner Kick It Out on a revitalising brand revamp.

Kick It Out are a charity at the heart of the fight against discrimination in sport, leading the charge on positive change, with a mission to be lived and breathed by grassroots communities and a commitment to ‘It’ not existing. Leaning into the positive in this otherwise negatively-perceived space, our rebrand focuses on togetherness – and a shared goal to change the game.

The new logo, inspired by both the shape of a football and club badges, combines attitude with a sense of its grassroots beginnings. The website is accessible for everyone – from those needing support, to those wanting to report discrimination, to teams and organisations that want to spread Kick It Out’s message within their own community.

And that’s where Kick It Out stands out amongst other charities; the simple brand guidelines and editable assets available on their website empower teams to adapt and use them where they please and take on the colour of their brand. In turn, spreading the mission of Kick It Out.

Meanwhile, our TV ad spotlights the scope of communities and backgrounds who have a shared passion for sport and this incredible cause.