General Election




Since the 2016 Brexit vote, the UK political landscape has become complicated and unclear. Sky News believes in the importance of offering clear, impartial and trustworthy news, especially at election time. Sky News collaborated with multiple trusted data sources to deliver the fastest, most accurate and engaging election coverage to date, on all platforms, balancing real-time headline numbers with AR/on-screen graphics/digital results service, as well as the deep-dive data mining with political experts.






Election data can be dry, boring and dense. Sky News decided that balance is key in presenting this information. The headline numbers showed the progression of the story as the votes arrived in real time, shown in both the on-screen results service (mobile and TV) and the big AR graphic explainers presented from Sky’s HQ. To tell the full story we needed to dig deeper, showing the stories beneath the surface. This data needs plenty of context and explanation, something the presentations teams are well qualified to offer.

Lead by Sky’s internal creative department, Sky Creative Agency, many Sky teams collaborated to turn the data into visuals that helped to tell the unfolding story to our customers on all platforms.

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