Virus Pandemic



Last month Sky Creative Agency Promo Creative Liam Barry, pitched an idea to Sky News that they utilise the promo airtime as a way to create public health and wellbeing spots, which comment on the unfolding pandemic and offer advice and support to viewers, rather than promoting a specific show or feature of our coverage. He felt this was both an important, and very positive approach, as everybody in the country is being affected by this situation, with more people than ever watching the news to get the latest information and feeling worried about what lies ahead.





He first made the handwash appeal spot, a 20 second promo to advise people to use the promo airtime as an opportunity to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds to help them stop the spread. It was filmed in Liam’s mum’s kitchen after we had made the transition to working from home, but before the lockdown began, as an example of what we could do.  It was very well received, and he was fully encouraged by Sky News to make more. However, the challenge has increased significantly as the lockdown had now begun so the three following promos had to be shot and edited in Liam’s flat. The three promos covered three very important topics being experienced by many people across the UK right now.  They individually looked at loneliness in self-isolation, keeping busy and exercising. Shot on Liam’s personal DSLR the promos have starred his hands and feet, have been brilliantly made and have been extremely well received by Sky News viewers.  With several more in the pipeline, including looking at staying in and staying safe on sunny summer days, working from home and home schooling, this is another example of why Sky Creative Agency boasts the best people in the business, helping our broadcast output stay creative, fun and engaging amidst the most challenging of circumstances.



The wave of positivity supporting frontline NHS staff is also a major theme of the nation’s effort against the virus so Sky Creative Agency has also made a clip-based promo celebrating the weekly Clap For Carers and we will continue to make spots which thank our health workers over the coming weeks.


Stay At Home.  Protect the NHS.  Save Lives!