Britannia 2




It’s Time to Lose Control, with the second season of Britannia. This time the show went Bigger, Bolder and Braver so to play into this we anchored our thinking around the show’s Punk irreverent attitude. 

In true anti-establishment fashion, we flipped the previously established brand colour hierarchy on its head. This gave us a bright, contemporary, bold yellow with splash of pink to create our campaign around. We shot a full cast of 12 characters a year ahead of release, including Makenzie crook who is playing two brothers this season, then with all the assets gathered we set to work creating a memorable brand style to run throughout all the assets.





The characters stories in Britannia thread and twist throughout each other, so to reflect this we wanted to create a system that would allow us to build multiple key arts around main plots. And give us the ability to hero each of our main talent without falling into a standard line-up.





With a mix of bold key art imagery, humorous motion and a promo cut to an awesome soundtrack, the campaign came to life with a post-show run of high critical acclaim.